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2018 NFL Draft Scouting Report: QB Lamar Jackson

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 216 lbs.

Age: 21

School: Louisville


40-yard dash: DNP

Vertical: DNP

Broad: DNP

Bench: DNP

3-cone: DNP



Effortless thrower. Quick release with elite velocity. Has shown promise working through progressions. Stands confidently with good awareness in the pocket. Comfortable throwing between the numbers. Encouraging deep ball. Has made strides as a passer over three years. Game-breaking speed and ability in the open field as a runner. Exceptional vision and instincts as a ball-carrier. A rare threat to score from anywhere on the field. Nearly impossible to bring down when he breaks contain. Doesn’t make one read and automatically tuck it to run. Really good teammate and person.



Needs to improve passing mechanics. Base is too narrow. Inconsistent throwing outside the numbers. Will have to be more precise against NFL defenses. Doesn’t have great accuracy as a scrambler. Has durability concerns because of his thin frame.


NFL Comparisons

Michael Vick – Robert Griffin III – Randall Cunningham



Basically Michael Vick reincarnated as a righty and more advanced as a passer, Lamar Jackson has all the tools to be a superstar quarterback at the next level. He will need to improve his mechanics and might not be ready to play right away, but I think Jackson is undoubtedly worth an early first-round selection.

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Pro Bowler as a rookie

Chilly Willy

I love Jackson’s game.

Bill P.

He’s about 5’8″. Pass.

Beast Coast

But he didn’t go to an LA school so no one thinks he’s good.


Ehh I’m not sure about him.

b dawg

Yes I think he can be a star too


I feel like a team like the Chiefs would’ve been good if we didn’t have Mahomes.


Yes he can definitely do some of the things other guys like RG3 have done at the very least!